Keeping Debate Skills Strong With CLE

October 5th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in Education | Law | Lawyer | Legal Assistance | Marino Legal

The first debate of the Presidential Election was a curious reminder of the need for a nimble legal mind. Whatever your opinions of the candidates, their relative positions as the spokesmen of a given ideology has always been deep rooted. Barack Obama the eloquent lawyerly orator. Mitt Romney the aloof and distant insular business man.

After a few years out of the debate game, and a far cry away from the rigorous debates at the Harvard Law Review, Obama seemed ill at ease in this debate. By contrast Romney, who has been in dozens of debates with Republican rivals earlier in the year, seemed feisty and clearly connected to everything he said. Perhaps some brush up courses through some online CLE could have turned things around for the President.

Being able to make a compelling argument is both a skill and a talent. The big trick about talent and skill alike, however, is that they do not necessarily lay dormant waiting for you to break the emergency glass and pull them out. Instead, they need to be nurtured.

This is why even the best lawyers in New York require brush ups through NY continuing legal education on a regular basis. It is the only way to assure peek performance every time out.

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