Same-Sex Marriage and Legal Marijuana, A National Trend?

November 19th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in Education | Law | Lawyer

Back on November 6th Americans chose more than just their president. In several states voters were in favor of laws that are potential game changers in their states and far beyond. In Colorado and Washington state voters were in favor of legalized marijuana. Not medical marijuana mind you the full on legalization of marijuana. Throughout the country laws have been moving to decriminalize the drug or license it for medical use but these measures were unprecedented in the United States. In another development same sex marriage was legalized in Maine, Maryland and Washington by popular vote.

While neither of these advances in social liberalism should affect your New York CLE courses just yet they are worth watching out for. As these laws are implemented in these states the entire country will likely do some soul searching. Particularly in left leaning New York, where same sex marriage is already legal, the legalization of marijuana might begin to look quite appealing to cash strapped government officials.

If you are taking online CLE or other forms of continuing legal education to maintain certification as a lawyer you should not just monitor laws in your own state. Laws in other states often result in trends that can spread quickly throughout the country.

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