Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Arguments

December 11th, 2012 | Posted by TimD in Education | Law | Lawyer | Legal Assistance | Marino Legal

As of last week, it was revealed the Supreme Court would hear a case challenging California’s same-sex marriage ban in the coming year. This is a huge move for our country and a historic moment for both opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage. It might just set the table for how the rest of the country moves on this issue.

It was widely expected that the SCOTUS would be forced to wrestle with the issue of same-sex marriage–with more and more cases being brought against the exclusionary legislation that has been recently passed over. Of course when California passed their same-sex marriage ban, it seemed they would inevitably be the state to bring the law to our country’s highest court. In spite of passing the law, California remains a deeply liberal state, with San Fransisco and Los Angeles being among the most liberal cities in the country.

Where will this lead legal precedent is probably still anyone’s guess. The Supreme Court has been known to surprise, but at this point signs point strongly towards the court ruling the law unconstitutional.

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