Exploring Legal Restrictions on Artistic Expression

March 6th, 2013 | Posted by cilliano in Education | Law | Lawyer | Marino Legal

bridge the gapAre you interested in combining your passion for art with your legal expertise? Do you need to fulfill your NY continuing legal education requirements, as well?

Why not consider immersing yourself in the fascinating world of artistic expression and associated legal issues? Our course entitled ‘Coloring Within the Lines: Restrictions on Artistic Expression’ will not only see you gain 1 credit in your effort to satisfy New York CLE requirements, it will also introduce you to the need-to-know legal issues surrounding art and exhibitions.

Taken from the seminal program, 3rd Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution, this course centers on artistic freedom, controversial exhibitions and the types of art which generate strong public and/or governmental reactions. Panelists involved will discuss municipal efforts to limit or somehow inhibit artistic expression, whether through restrictions on funding or permits, as well as the legal right of municipalities to regulate exhibitions at museums, including a case study of theĀ SensationĀ case (an exhibition of Young British Artists’ controversial work in 1999) involving the Brooklyn Museum and the City of New York.

Some other topics to be addressed include censorship, controversial art and museum deaccessioning policies, with the main debate focusing on whether museums should be self-regulating or subject to external control. For just $40, this course is available to those seeking to combine a love for the arts with an interest in legal issues such as censorship.

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