The Top 6 Reasons for New York CLE

April 24th, 2013 | Posted by cilliano in Education | Law | Lawyer | Marino Legal

online cleWhile New York continuing legal education requires the expense of a certain amount of time and money, both the hours and dollars invested are certainly not going to go to waste. Here are the six top reasons for fulfilling your New York CLE requirements:

  • A person with a higher education and career level has a higher earning capacity
  • A person with a higher education and advanced certification will be selected for employment over those who do not have these qualifications
  • Those who continually learn new things in their chosen practice are much more valuable employees, and are therefore more likely to enjoy job security at their workplace
  • Those who continually learn tend to have a higher level of responsibility and greater degree of job satisfaction
  • An employee who does not consistently learn will in time lose their skills, find that their knowledge is outdated, and will eventually fall back in their career
  • A person who actively makes the commitment to continually learn remains competitive in a tough job market; this is especially important in today’s economic climate

If you were in any doubt before, these reasons should make the importance of CLE plain to see. Professionals who do not actively engage in consistent learning, will eventually lose out to those who do. Don’t get left behind, find more info on a variety of CLE courses and packages, including ‘bridge the gap‘ weekends, at MarinoLegalCLE.com.

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