3 Tips for Improved Client Relations

July 11th, 2013 | Posted by cilliano in Education | Law | Lawyer | Marino Legal

online cleThough fulfilling your New York CLE requirements is certainly a step in the right direction, upping your legal game is going to take considerably more than gaining your NY continuing legal education credits. If you’re eager to make it to the top, we’ve got the advice to aid you on your way.

Check out the below tips on client relations:

Don’t promise your clients the world and all that’s in it. It’s essential you manage client expectations from the outset. All that’s required is that you pledge your honest effort, not that you assure the client they’ll win their case.

Cultivate an air of exclusivity. Never appear too available to a potential client, even if you really want the case. Remember that your initial discussion is a mutual consultation. The client is assessing whether they trust you’re the best person for the job, and you’re deciding whether or not the client is someone you’d like to represent.

Keep your client in the know. Furnish your client with a file of basic information that explains the legal matter at hand in language that’s accessible rather than esoteric. Additionally, keep in regular contact with your client. If you can’t return a call, ensure that your secretary does.

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