Marino Online CLE Strange Cases: Haunted Real Estate

August 21st, 2013 | Posted by marinolegal in Law | Marino Legal

Practitioners of law deal with a lot. Apart from dealing with clients whose beliefs they completely disagree with (on either moral or simply logical grounds), they often deal with situations that many might not consider in the light of law. But as ineffable as such situations may seem, their solutions are simple, and can be found in many of our own online CLE courses.

The legal system emphasizes the pursuit of hard proof; so what’s a lawyer to do when a caseĀ  is based on something unprovable–the supernatural? Let’s look at a case that occurred in New Jersey last year. A young couple rented out a three-bedroom ranch house in Toms River, then quickly sued for their money back on the grounds that the property was haunted. For evidence, the couple sought testimony from a paranormal investigation agency and a pastor. The orthodontist who owned the house was naturally inclined to believe that the couple simply realized they couldn’t afford the house, and filed a countersuit, and his lawyer argued that since no prior tenants had made any claims of paranormal activity, the landlord couldn’t be held liable for failing to disclose such things; while New Jersey disclosure laws require property owners to disclose any causes for “stigmatization” to their renters, the house bore no such reputation among neighbors prior to the claim.

Estate law is one of the many subjects covered in our online CLE courses. We’ll prepare you for anything from property damage to poltergeists.


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