Discounts are something that drive the sales of almost everything. Education is rarely among those things. However in the world of New York continuing legal education there is a great option that will allow you to maintain your legal certification while also offering you great deals on lectures.

Every day Marino Legal has specific lectures on sale for you. For August, New York continuing legal education courses that might normally run you $299 are going for half price (or the nearly half priced round number of $150). This means you can get actual legal education courses for steep discounts. Applying a sense of value to educational opportunities is not the norm, but Marino Legal makes the case that it should be. Practical solutions to local education standards for lawyers can be helpful on all ends of the legal profession.

The collection of potential courses available for this huge discount is staggering. Everything from tutorials on Direct and Cross Examination to more minutia like their course on Taxation and Elderly Law in the Surrogates Course. Each course can open up new areas of expertise or simply freshen up your old areas. All in all, it is a great opportunity to take some legally required courses at less than a market rate.

State To State CLE Requirements

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Each state has unique requirements about lawyers keeping their certification through continued legal education. In some states the rules are particularly strict, requiring hours of study and a variety of diverse lectures and classes each and every year. In other states one or two lectures can keep your certification up for the year.

Knowing exactly what is required of you state to state is expected of you, but with the legal system and the general system surrounding practicing law in a near constant state of flux it can be difficult. Luckily Marino Legal has state to state  requirements posted right on their website. This means you can find out what exactly is required of you and register for those lectures and online courses right there on the site without having to spend any of your already taxed time dealing with the confusion of who requires what.

Whether you are trying to remain certified through New York, New Jersey or even California CLE, Marino Legal can offer you the right courses and give you the exact requirements of your given state. In most cases you are probably licensed to practice in a few states and Marino is offering the easiest way to stay on top of your certification throughout.

As well as providing extensive continuing legal education on the Internet, Marino Legal organizes helpful lectures that can actually be attended by their students and other interested parties. These lectures are engaging and instructional and can help fulfill those credits that you need to keep up in order to keep your law practicing license up to date. Each lecture is accredited with specifics about how those credits will break down, be it 1.5 Ethics Credit, 3 Skills Credits and 3.5 Professional Credit like the upcoming Bridge the Gap lecture on September 23 or any other combination therein.

These courses offer a great opportunity to actually experience the full on engagement of the classroom that was so integral to your initial interest in and understanding of law. On another level they offer some opportunity for networking with other lawyers and legal minds, giving you a chance for getting your name out there to various other firms and potential clients.

Still, the primary draw for these lectures is that feeling of engagement. You are able to once again be a student, eager to expand the wealth of knowledge you already have at your disposal. Each New York continuing legal education lecture will make you a better lawyer and send you back to the courtroom with revitalized spirit and passion for legal practice.

Last week we discussed the bundles of classes that are ideal for keeping up with your basic New York continuing legal education requirements as a lawyer. This week we thought we might focus on lawyers striving to take on more or simply boning up for an important case.

For these ambitious folks there are far more specific packages that might offer you special expertise in a given field of law. New York CLE does not have to be all about fulfilling state requirements. A bundle like NYCLA Art Law And Intellectual Property Package for example, might be perfect for a personal finance lawyer suddenly thrust into the world of intellectual property law by a piracy suit or simply a client taking on some artistic side work.

These classes are not just about keeping your job, they are about doing your job better and becoming a more effective one stop shop for legal advice for clients. As your client’s interests, legal situation and financial standing evolves so must your ability to service their needs.

Keep in touch with clients to know what is on the horizon and to cultivate your continuing legal education accordingly. It will make everyone’s lives easier.

Finding affordable education has long been a concern of any and all people in this country. For lawyers with a biennial requirement for refresher courses to simply remain licensed it is a concern that does not end with their student loan payments.

For a lawyer the need for continuing legal education means that every few years there are some important things to consider. Which classes are actually helpful, when will I find the time to actually attend and work on said classes, and perhaps most significantly what is this all going to cost?

Marino Legal offers CLE online for lawyers and they have a wide array of affordable packages that you can participate in on your own time. If you browse the Marino Legal website you will quickly find a section called “Instant Packages.” These collections of courses are specially designed to comply with the required standards of New York continuing legal education. The classes are bundled and purchased together offering you the best of all worlds; convenience, affordability and quality.

The savings on these online courses are undeniable. When bought in bundles packages can offer thirty, forty, even as much as fifty-nine percent off the normal price. It is a great way to keep within compliance of the law.

For your average legal worker be they a lawyer, a paralegal, or judge the short hand knowledge of the law means that you can cut down to the heart of something pretty quickly. As with any subject there is a vernacular that is understood among astute people work in the dissemination of law have that gives them a leg up on all of us. It is after all their expertise.

The NY continuing legal education offered through Marino Legal understands this vernacular and gears it’s online courses towards people who think about law every day. These are not pandering courses built for people less than tuned into the law. These are courses that offer interesting solutions to unique problems and help you build upon your already fertile soil of legal knowledge.

Taking some sort of CLE online can make a huge difference when you get to the courtroom. While you might feel you see all of the angles in a case, these courses offer you the chance to get into the heads of other legal thinkers. These classes can help you see another side of things and properly build a case for or against it.

For many people completing college or even high school is a monstrous task that is going to take all of their focus and drive in the world. For people pursuing law as a career this simply can not be the case. These people have to already be good at going to school.

Once you have made it into a law school and worked your way through those programs that need to feed your desire for knowledge does not go away, even as you toil away on cases in a prestigious practice. For these people there is CLE online through Marino Legal. You can take courses in your own time to help fine tune and deepen your knowledge of the law and your relevance to whomever you work for.

Those scholarly challenges that keep you pushing and striving can be the fuel that ignites the rest of your work within a firm or it could grow your position within an organization as they see your base of knowledge expanding.

NY continuing legal education is available online from Marino Legal so that the very busy people in the field of law can continue to learn in their own time, regardless of what kind of hours they keep.

online cleNew attorneys today are very fortunate to have the option of taking online courses in continuing legal education.  Online CLE offers lawyers newly accepted into the bar a way to continue their legal education further beyond what they learned at law school.  Think of it as an extension of your training that allows you to go really in-depth into your specialized field of practice.

By taking courses online, attorneys will be able to continue their legal education at their own convenience which is a definite advantage of online CLE.  Instead of having to trudge their way to classes every single day, lawyers will be able to work from their own homes and/or offices.  Practicing attorneys are busy people, new ones especially because they are busy trying to make a name for themselves and having to take the time out of their day to attend classes regularly may not be conducive to that.  Lawyers will be able to take courses online for things like basic skills; prevention of malpractice; how the criminal justice system works; settling attorney-client disputes and more.

These are but a number of things new attorneys will be able to learn taking continuing legal education courses online.  So sign up for it now to take advantage of it!

New York CLEWhile a lawyer recently accepted into the New York State Bar Association has definitely earned the right to call themselves a practicing attorney, they still have another important aspect of their profession that they cannot pass on.  They must enroll and participate in New York continuing legal education.

New York continuing legal education is a requirement for every lawyer that has been admitted into the bar.  By participating in this educational course, they will be able to retain their license to practice law.  But what is more than that is that continuing legal education gives these professionals a greater chance of becoming even more competent than they were before.  Attorneys can participate in classes and courses that cover topics like the prevention of malpractice; basic skills; resolving attorney-client disputes; the intricacies of the criminal justice system; facing issues with regards to intellectual properties; direct and cross examinations and the list easily goes on.  Participants in legal education will be able to get the most up-to-date information that the legal world has to offer.  This will be invaluable in the ever-changing courtroom landscape.

Besides the requirement of New York lawyers to participate, the lessons learned from these courses will help propel their careers forward.

CLE online is provided for lawyers who want to learn more about their chosen profession.  Continuing legal education through the Internet has the advantage in that you do not have to sit in a class or lecture at a specific time.  For many lawyers who have very little time on their hands to go out of their way to go to classes at certain times of day, CLE online is a godsend.  Any attorney has ready access to all of the course material they need at any time they want to access it.  This may include video or audio captured from the class or seminar; notes from the lecturer; and other information related to the class.

Why would anyone choose an online option for continuing legal education?  The simple answer is because it is very convenient.  All any lawyer would need to fulfill any state requirements for continuing legal education or to simply increase their competency is right at their fingertips at any time they want.  For attorneys who are constantly busy there is no other way to educate themselves while still trying to make a living on their own terms and time.

If you have just been accepted into the bar, this form of education is for you.