new york cleSome of our previous posts on making the transition from law school graduate to fully proficient practicing lawyer shed considerable light on ‘bridging the gap’ but there are always new questions to be answered.

In this post, we will address some of the questions most commonly posed by newly admitted attorneys in the process of fulfilling CLE requirements:

How do I find conveniently located CLE courses?

The CLE Board unfortunately does not maintain a list of individually accredited courses. Newly admitted attorneys can check with local bar associations or other organizations to inquire if they provide New York CLE courses. The Accredited Provider List is also a useful resource in this respect, listing the names and details of several providers of NY continuing legal education including Marino Legal.

Is it possible to fulfill CLE requirements through audiotapes, online courses, or other nontraditional formats?

The short answer is no; unless granted special permission to do otherwise by the New York State CLE Board, newly admitted attorneys must fulfill their CLE requirement in live, traditional classroom settings or by attendance at fully interactive video conferences which have been pre-approved by the CLE Board for use by newly admitted attorneys.

Can I earn credit for writing a legal article, or by teaching at a CLE program?

No; only experienced attorneys may receive CLE credit for such activities.


ny cleOne of the hottest topics in the legal world today is centered around intellectual property law and the legal issues surrounding creative industries such as art and fashion design. Our New York CLE Art Law and Intellectual Property Package offers attorneys the chance to explore some of the most controversial and litigated issues in the field today, learning from noted experts from the bench and bar, as well as specialists from museums, galleries, academia, media and law enforcement.

For just $399, attorneys can acquire a wealth of knowledge on the following issues surrounding intellectual property law: copyright and fine art; protecting antiquities; government restrictions on artistic expression; looted art, detecting fraud; proving provenance; dealing with artists’ estates and foundations; appraisals; legal issues relating to installation art, biennials and art fairs; deviations from trust indentures; Cy Pres and deaccessioning; as well as ethical considerations.

One of the several courses included in this 23-credit package is ‘Representing a Fashion Client’ – a course dedicated to examining the intellectual property issues of the fashion industry. Much discussed in recent years due to high profile cases between high-end designer brands and mammoth high-street retailers, copyright and fashion is a fascinating topic and one of increasing importance for both veteran attorneys organizing their New York continuing legal education, as well as newcomers seeking ‘bridge the gap‘ courses.

Bridging the Gap

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new york cleReceiving news that you have successfully passed your bar exams and are legally qualified to practice as an attorney is a joyous experience. However, this time can also be disorienting and somewhat intimidating as you attempt to transition from education to practice.

At Marino Legal, we have been educating attorneys since 1946 and know well the challenges faced by newly admitted attorneys. Having witnessed the confusion experienced by many new attorneys, we introduced our ‘bridge the gap’ New York CLE – a series of live lectures offered to newly admitted attorneys in New York and New Jersey, intended to aid attorneys in applying the vast knowledge they gained while studying.

Our ‘Bridge the Gap’ weekends are designed to satisfy a full year of New York newly admitted CLE credits, i.e. 3.0 Ethics CLE credits, 6.0 Skills CLE credits and 7.0 Professional Practice CLE credits, allowing you to acquire the wherewithal to practice as an attorney without having to sacrifice excessive amounts of money and time. If you cannot manage to schedule an entire weekend for your ‘Bridge the Gap’ course, then simply attend one day of one weekend, and complete your course by attending another day of another weekend course that suits your schedule.

At just $350 for a complete weekend, Marino Legal, the New York continuing legal education specialists, offer the leading ‘bridge the gap’ package for newly admitted attorneys eager to begin making their mark.