ny continuing legal educationWith the holidays in full swing, there is a lot to be positively reflective about as the year comes to a close. There is also a number of parties that you are surely invited to. When the amount of parties is this high, the likelihood that someone will be injured or killed in a drunk driving accident goes up exponentially.

If you work in law, chances are you have landed on one side or the other in a case of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. The laws surrounding these crimes are very clear state to state and for most states, enforcing these laws takes even stronger priority around the holidays. In some cases your automobile might be taken away by the state if you are caught driving under the influence. If there is an accident, things become still even more complicated.

NY continuing legal education from Marino Legal can go over some of the specifics of local laws, as well as these laws’ effectiveness in driving down the cases of drunk driving. With the right New York CLE, you can learn the ins and outs of local laws.

No matter how strong or lenient the laws are in your area, we encourage you to drive responsibly this holiday season.