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new york cleAs most experts in their respective fields know, it takes a considerable amount of time and experience in order to be in a position to impart wisdom to others.

At Marino Legal, we have learned a thing or two about NY continuing legal education since founding the institute in 1946. We began with one particular ambition: to provide high quality education, at the lowest possible price. Since the foundation of the institute in 1946, Marino Legal has been run by three generations of Marino law professors and legal educators, providing New York CLE to thousands of attorneys over the course of the years.

Meet some of the members of the Marino family:

Joseph Marino, Jr., Esq.: Choosing to follow in his father’s footsteps, Joseph Marino Jr. has received numerous accolades during his several years as a specialist in continuing legal education. Joseph is currently a full-time professor at New York Law School, as well as the content director at Marino Legal.

Emily Marino: As the jovial face of Marino Legal, Emily has worked tirelessly for the past 30 years to help make Marino Legal the renowned institute it is today.

Michael Marino, Esq.: Michael can be credited with taking Marino Legal into the digital age. An adjunct professor at New York Law School, Michael is also the director of Marino Legal.